Message from the Chairman

Walt Willett

Welcome to the ECHIP Website,

As you may know, health insurance costs have a major impact on both Town and Board of Education budgets. Joining a collaborative health insurance organization like ECHIP provides cost efficiencies and benefits for all members. The Eastern Connecticut Health Insurance Program for Connecticut (ECHIP) helps provide its member districts with rate stabilization, and in many cases, reductions in health insurance costs. ECHIP works with member Towns to establish adequate future reserves. ECHIP also provides its members with an influential voice in the health insurance marketplace – with a far greater impact than anyone Town or school district would have alone. Our wellness program is well thought-out and implemented, and our member districts experience the collective benefits. ECHIP is one of the few programs of its kind statewide and is an excellent example of successful, regional cooperation that reduces costs and maintains appropriate levels of health benefits for its members.


Walter Willett

Chairman ECHIP Executive Committee & Board of Directors
Tolland Superintendent of Schools